College Life

Topics: Sleep, Want, Time management Pages: 3 (1333 words) Published: November 8, 2005
Adjusting to College Life
Wow! The first week of college was a breeze. All my professors seemed so nice. Class never lasted longer than thirty minutes. I did not have to carry any books to class for that whole week. Finding classes was some what tough, even though my classes are around the same area. I did not have any homework to do. I did not see my friends as much but we hung out as much as we could. I went to a different party each night of the week and still attended all of my classes. I do not need a bed time. I know how to get up, but now things have changed. College life is going to be a difficult transition for me. Having to move away from my family is going to take some time to get used to. Waking myself up everyday will be a chore in itself. Now I will have a roommate to be considerate of. I will decide if I should attend a party or go to a club without someone's approval. I can go to the club with out my mom having the final verdict. I will hang out with my friends anytime I want to. I will have to learn how to manage my own money and time. At the end of the day college is all of what I make it. May it be hard for some and easy for others it is up to me to decide how I will adjust to college life; will I go to class; study for my test; waste my money; like my roommate?

The distance between Greensboro, North Carolina and Washington, DC is greater than what I thought. I thought the number of miles apart would be a good thing but once again time has proven me wrong. I find myself calling home and cherishing every conversation I have with my family more and more. I send them emails when they do not answer the phone. Sometimes call to check on my younger brothers and sisters which I could not stand when I was at home. I miss my mom the most. She is the person who I thought that I would miss the least. Being home sickness has really set in. Also I miss driving my car anywhere I want to go. I miss just sitting on my front porch...
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