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Topics: College, High school, Apartment Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Jon Wilson
Mr. Bushnell
English 102
April 17, 2013
College Decisions: Dorms vs. Apartments

When senior year of high school rolls around the students are confronted with decisions that will affect the rest of their life. Once they have finally decided what school they want to attend, and get accepted they have more decisions to make that may have never crossed their mind before. What seems to be the biggest is if you are going to live in the school dorms, or apartments on and around campus. Of course there is pro’s and con’s to both sides, but simply put living in apartments will be more beneficial and enjoyable for a college student compared to living in the dorms. People may not always agree on this topic, but throughout this paper I will further explain both sides of the situation, but in the end apartments are better.

You seem to hear often that college is when you learn to live on your own and really start growing up. That plays a huge influence on why I believe living in apartments is the way to go because it is your own house basically and you make all the decisions that comes with it. Jordan Esker was quoted saying “Even though dorm life places students in the middle of everything on campus, it might deteriorate a student’s sense of time, since living apart from it all gives students a greater responsibility.” College is about becoming mature to make your own decisions, getting better with time management and truly getting your priorities straight. Living in dorms you have your floor advisor who basically tells you where you need to be at all times, and making sure you are getting involved with everything on campus and with the school.

Mackie Miller in her USA Today article reports that “over several questionaries’ and tests that the biggest pro for living in apartments is having your own privacy.” Living in a dorm you are in the same room as another person with your small beds very close to each other, and basically stuck changing next to...
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