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College Life

By bigwill61 Feb 26, 2013 620 Words
Reflection Essay
ASU 1201
Mrs. Leslie B. Charles

College is much different from my high school in so many ways. In my high school we was always on the same routine. We had four periods a day and first period started at 7:45 and we was on a block schedule meaning our classes was an hour and thirty minutes long. We had the same classes everyday so more learning during the day and less homework. Immediately after school we had football practice four days a week and played on Fridays. High school Is a good preparation for college, even though while in high school you will never expect what happens in college. In high school your parents were more involved in what go on in your daily life, whether you get in trouble in class or you get sick at lunch. College is an great experience I think everyone should have. In college you will learn responsibilities and how to take care of yourself. My life have change dramatically, went from seeing my family everyday to seeing them every three weeks maybe. The classes in college is much different than high school , there is no set schedule to do your homework or to study. This is where the responsible part come in, you are responsible whether you eat , sleep, study, have fun and even exercise. I didn’t mention being a student-athlete was hard as well, even though if I wasn’t an athlete I wouldn’t be a student. College not for everyone but if you have the opportunity at your grasp take advantage and make your family proud. Student-athletes have to set times like everyone else in college to complete there work and go to class but also they have to maintain there practice schedule daily. Being an athlete at Albany State is wonderful the fan base is so incredible and the odds are stack against us of making it pro. That’s why we are worked so hard and put to the test on the field and in the class room. Being a football player, practice start at 2:45 and end at 5:00 or so and some players have class after practice which is difficult to make some days but class is MANADTORY at Albany state. The coaches here are great and most of the coaches are alumni of this great school so they care about the organization deeply. Albany State Golden Rams is a Division ll power house which most teams underestimate and we show it to them on Saturdays. Here at Albany State Football players are respected not for what we do on the field but also of what we accomplish in the classrooms.

I am very glad that I am able to attend Albany State University. Everything here is so overwhelming starting with The New Student Union Building . The food is amazing and the staff is amazing and caring. The games and the televisions are so entertaining and sitting in there is so relaxing and is a great study area. Campus life is the best of college experience meeting new people and socializing in the dorms. Here at Albany state are people that your going to be life long friends with. This campus is so secure thanks to the campus police. They are very concerned about the residents and love to protect and serve. If I had the choice to go to another institution I would not go Albany state is the life to live and the best college experience in the world. I appreciate what the staff, professors, coaches, police, RA’s , hall managers, and the President Dr. Everette Freeman has done for the students at Albany State we greatly appreciate it.

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