College Is Not for Everyone

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Is college a necessary component to having a successful life? Is there ways to be successful or happy and not attend a school of higher education? College is put out to be this mandatory element of life, and I truly believe that it can be for some people, but certainly not for everybody. There are other opportunities other than college that give people education that do not require college education like trade or tech school, jobs that just do not require any level of degree, and also people who inherit wealth.

College does not always offer all the types of education that one can acquire in order to have degrees or certificates. Trade schools or tech schools offer a wide variety of skills one can use to be noteworthy. Some examples of these fields of skills would be cosmetology, electrical, automotive, construction, designs, and massaging. These are only a few fields that people can go into and get certified without having to attend a college or university. People can attend a tech school or trade school and become certified in order to get a job, and not have to be required to go to college and therefore proving that not everybody needs to attend college.

Jobs are occasionally available without the requirement of a degree or even a certificate. People can obtain a job and make a living off of that income often without having gone to a college or even a trade or tech school for any education. Periodically people capture a job they enjoy and do not feel the need to go to college to fulfill their duties in life without a college education. Mike Rose stated in Blue-Collar Brilliance in the book Acting Out Culture, “A waitress acquires knowledge and intuition about the ways and the rhythms of the restaurant business.” (309). This statement proves that people can have jobs and be educated in their specific job and not have had any formal education in a college what’s so ever. Many people either before or after high school even get hold of a job that they become...
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