College for All: An American Dream

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Chasmi T Stewart
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Professor Felux
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College for All: An American Dream
College for America
In a land that has been so horribly affected by the recessions and high unemployment rates, what if I could give you the perfect fix for your troubles. The solution will not only create more jobs, but it would also allow those that already have a job a way to move up the corporate ladder providing a better future for the families and for their society. Now this solution is not free, there will be upfront cost associated with the cure, but the longer term out come far outweighs the upfront front cost. While it might contribute to higher taxes for our country, a college education should be free for all high school graduates. With home grown college graduates, America will have a stronger workforce. The newest innovations will come from United States and the benefit of a college education will give access to more people, regardless of economic status. This answer also makes our education systems at the forefront of our minds. With college tuition paid with taxpayer dollars much like public school no longer will the standards of an individuals education be a crap shoot, depending on what district you are in , or what your background is. With America investing in our future through education, our country is teaching how to fish, not just giving the fish away so to speak. Let’s delve into the thought and explore the ramifications of a freely educated society. The idea of free college tuition is not as controversial as one might think. Home grown college graduates will give America have a stronger workforce. Many careers in today require a higher degree of education. According to an article on PBS. ORG, “The evidence on earnings and college degrees is unequivocal: Employers continue to demand better-educated employees and are willing to pay more to get them. In the article, the difference between what a...

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