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College Football Playoff System

43% of Americans say that football is their favorite sport to watch, more than three times than any other sport said an article on ProCon.Org. In 2008 a record 37.5 million people attended a college football game to cheer on their team in hope of a championship season. (ProCon) As the players push themselves as hard they can go and the fans cheer as loud as they can; they often come to the end of a great season to be denied by the BCS system. In 1998 the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was designed to take the top two BCS-ranked college football teams to play each other in a national championship while eight other top teams play in four bowl games. (ProCon) As other bowls have grown around the BCS games we are currently at 34 bowl games at the end of every college football season. Each year 68 go into the bowl games giving us 34 winners every year. What does this accomplish? Who is the best college football team in the nation if there are 34 teams that end the season as “champs”? College football needs to have a post-season playoff system, as most other sports do, to prevent the hard working undefeated teams from getting left out and to determine one true “champion”.
The Super Bowl: the “grand-daddy” of all football games. I'm sure most people around the U.S. know what the Super Bowl is, even if they don't watch football. In order for the two teams to make it to the Super Bowl, they went through the playoffs. With thirty-two teams in the league each team must fight for the playoffs of twelve teams. The playoff tournament is a sudden death tournament. You lose, you go home. FCS (football championship subdivision), Division II, and Division III all end their regular seasons with playoffs systems as well. Beginning in 1967 with the NFL and picking up in 1978 in FCS the playoffs have worked so well with these football leagues. When comparing almost all other sports including NBA and college basketball, MLB and college...

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