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Topics: Spanish language, Hispanic, Mexico Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Many of the wonderful people I have met during my college experience have each left a special place in my heart and mind. As I come to the end of my time at Navarro College, I truly look forward to the opportunity to expose myself to the exceptionally diverse community of a major university. After rethinking some of the diverse people I have come into contact with while attending Navarro, I believe that having the opportunity to meet more people from many diverse cultural backgrounds could teach me more about life than anyone else.

With my increasing interest in the Spanish language, I feel that a student from a Hispanic heritage could provide a unique experience for me. After spending much of the past two years working in local Mexican restaurants, I have developed a special interest in this culture. This curiosity has aided me in my recent success in Spanish courses. This student would be able to provide me with special insight because I want to minor in Spanish. Having someone close that I could attempt to speak and grow fluent with in Spanish would be one of the most helpful ways to learn.

Going beyond the classroom, this student could shine a light on some of the diverse customs and traditions of his/her own culture. I feel that sharing experiences with a student of Hispanic decent could help me develop my own opinion on some of today’s national hot topics, such as illegal immigration. I have grown up in central Texas in an area where there is a high Hispanic population, but there is also a culture barrier between the Anglos and Hispanics. This cultural wall is primarily because of the language barrier. Developing a relationship with a classmate from this culture could help me understand possible ways to break down this barrier. Another point of interest to me personally is the hardships families of foreign decent experience prior to their arrival in the United States; I find this information to be extremely motivational for me.

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