College Essay On Fandoms

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I have travelled to many different places. Germany, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida are some of the few. However, the best places I have traveled to is the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, Camp Half Blood, The 21st Gnome, Westeros, the TARDIS, and to Lord Beerus’ planet. I believe fandoms introduce individuality. There are countless fandoms and life situations that tell who a person is. David Tennant and the TARDIS introduced me to the world of fandoms. Middle school introduced me to being myself.
All throughout elementary school I was bullied for being different (similar to Harry Potter, but by other people not my aunt and uncle). I constantly struggled with my identity and who I was. It was not until middle school when I found out being popular is not what it is all cracked up to be. I somewhat turned into the Doctor, only needing a small group of people to have my back. It was at this point that I began reading and getting into fandoms. The Kane Chronicles was the first fandom that I have read, and it is the one fandom that will stay with me. It was when I was reading The Kane Chronicles that I realized other people enjoy the same topics as I do.
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I have many friends who only watch anime, only read books, or only watches TV. All three of us are different. My best friends and I watch the same anime, but the characters we love are different. My character is laid back and relaxed and her favorite character is aggressive and has a temper. We may watch the same anime, but just the personalities of our favorite characters tell us what type of person we are.
I have discovered that individuality is more important than having an immense amount of friends. I am happy being different, and happiness is what humans are after. Some people are thrilled with having 30 notifications all the time, but I am content with traveling from world to world, and universe to

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