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Topics: Emotion, Bullying, Psychological manipulation Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: November 15, 2013
Sherbs 1
Garrett Sherbs
Period 6
Peter Progresses
Ender's brother, Peter, is an aggressive and emotional person. Peter expresses his anger toward Ender by physically abusing him. Peter also threatens to harm Ender multiple times. He believes that Ender is a third and should not be as intelligent as he is. Peter also neglects Ender, but then when Ender is crying in his room Peter comforts him as an older brother should. However, Peter exhibits himself as an emotional troubled child throughout the book. Peter, an angry child, matures throughout the book physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Peter would represent his physical strength in the beginning of the book by showing dominance over Ender. He would abuse him Physically and harm him several times throughout the book. "I could kill you like this......Just press and press until you're dead" (Peter Page 12). Peter would make harmful threats to Ender so that he make Ender afraid of him. He shows himself as an older brother that would bully his litter sibling. Peter would then show his physical strength to the world. For example, Peter takes over Earth once Ender is not leaves the planet. He was also a lot older then Ender and grows up through the book with his brother. Then towards the end of the book Peter stops the physical torment and starts abusing him verbally.

Peter is a very intelligent child like his younger brother Ender. However Ender happens to be smarter then Peter and as a result Peter is jealous of Ender's intelligence. He also does not believe Ender deserves the gift of intelligence because Ender is a third child and should not even be alive.

Sherbs 2

Peter's thoughts become evil. Then Peter is finally happy when he hears the news that Ender had left Earth because then Ender will not intervene with Peter's plan to take over the world. He establishes a fake identity on the nets, takes over the world, and averts World War Three. Once Ender leaves earth to go and...
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