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To whom it may concern
Developing your self - image is crucial if you want to progress in life. Qualities such as excellent communication skills, flexibility and adaptation skills are also of the utmost importance. My childhood experiences, particularly the continuous support from my family members who have always seen me as a positive force in their own lives have allowed me to develop a strong personality. Education has been a fascinating journey to me for a number of reasons. I can easily grasp newly introduced material, but the most rewarding part is helping out my peers. Communication skills are extremely important in this type of interaction. They mean not only the ability to express information and connect with others, but also to speak my mind and accumulate my passion for the subject matter.

Since I experienced multiple deaths in my close family, I had to develop a way to cope with the inevitable. It is important to try to remain optimistic regardless of the circumstances. In the face of adversities, my family taught me to never give up without a fight. That is why I would characterize myself as a fighter - difficulties only encourage me to try harder. My excellent grades are a perfect confirmation of this life theory.

Nothing thrills me quite as much as the idea of pursuing my academic ambitions at your university. I am excited about the programs you offer, especially in the area of science. I hope that I can achieve my goals of becoming successful in this field, and i am convinced that I, too, will be a great asset to your institution.

Alvaro Jerez
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