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Randolph-Macon College
I have learned a lot about this college, from my brother attending there for four year. There are many different characteristics that draw me to Randolph-Macon. Football is a plus because I know all the coaches, the characteristics are location, academic, small classes, teacher communication and small liberal arts college, and I believe they will help me succeed in my nest four years. These characteristics can be narrowed to ways that will advance my academic future.

One of the characteristics in a college that I am looking for is the actual location. Ashland Virginia is a good small town that would be a good fit to live in for four years. Another reason that, I am looking to go to this college is because my Aunt and Uncle live right near the campus, I can go visit them any time I would like to. The campus is close to a few big cities which I like about it, it is near Richmond, Washington D.C and Norfolk. The school is only a short drive away from Roanoke.

Personally, I am not looking for a big college to go too. I like Randolph-Macon because it is a small school with less than 1,200 students. The atmosphere on the campus is beautiful, I love walking through the campus when I visited my brother up there. Also, the reconstruction they are doing is going to be really nice. I have been told from a lot of people that have gone there, that there is a great bond between your classmates. Going to a small college like Randolph-Macon has its advantages that big colleges do not have.

Randolph-Macon is a small liberal arts college; it has a wide range of classes that you can choose from. It ranges from guitar class to biology class it all matters what you want to learn. They have a business major that I am interested in. Having a business major, with a background of many other subjects will help me in the long run. Liberal arts will be an exciting challenge.

Going Back to Randolph-Macon being that it is a small college it has its...
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