College Enhancements

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College Enhancements
College is the most important part of a young person’s life. It determines the path a person makes and follows throughout their career. This is stressed in the poem written by Martín Espada “Why I went to College” which emphasizes the importance of college for both the parents and for the child’s future and security. Of course, the emphasis is applied to the parent’s character for desiring an enhanced life. This instinct is compounded with the research that has been conducted. This material is giving the modern day parent even more desire. The father wants nothing more than to secure a bright future for his child. The author stresses the importance of college by the father using strong visualizations telling his son “you better learn to eat soup through a straw, ‘cause I’m gonna break your jaw.” (Line 3-7). The father wants his child to attend college to better his future. The statistics for the unemployment rate on high school graduates without a degree is 9.4%. The unemployment rate for high school graduates with a bachelor’s degree is 4.9%. That is a 4.5% difference. Those individuals with a degree also have a greater salary, about 65% higher than those with only a high school diploma. Why is it so important to attend college in the 21st century? The father is attempting to make his child understand the importance of attaining a college education. He believes that it the option to attend is not negotiable. Society’s mindset that even with the lowest of entry level jobs, a college degree is needed. College education is considered to be an unspoken requirement for employment, instead of an asset. Most employers of the business world are looking for students with a college degree that have the capability to learn new things which is a requirement in order to work in the corporate world. Most business or corporations would not even consider an applicant without a college education. The degree can offer a sense of comfort...

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