College Education Is Important

Topics: Domestic violence, Full-time, Husband Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: December 20, 2012
College education is important for many reasons in today’s society. For myself, I value education because life can be unpredictable. Even with goals, a good solid functional family background, and the resources to achieve a college education obstacles can be detrimental to realizing this dream. I learned this first hand. Half way through my college career, I got married to a man who was very nice. We enjoyed similar outdoor activities of biking, rafting, fishing and hiking. With my boost in self-esteem and enjoying the fact someone cared, I ignored the very serious red flags to a very unhealthy relationship. If I didn’t do something a certain way or not in my new husband’s taste, he punched a hole in the wall. Promising me over the alter I would continue to pursue my dreams of an education, this never happened. Shortly after our marriage he made me work a low level full time job. He kept the money I made and put me down constantly. If I didn’t do it his way he punched everything from the windshield of the car out to the tennis ball sized bruise on my leg. Don’t think I didn’t try to stop it! I have the diamond knocked out of my ring while blocking his fierce punches to prove it. This was the last time I let the control and abuse happen. With a six month old boy in my hands, the marriage ended. The day of the divorce outside the courtroom, I remember looking at a vast wall of cases waiting for the judge’s time. It astounded me that all of them had to do with domestic violence. Alone with a baby and in denial of what I just went through, I was determined to continue on with life and have the courage to realize my dream of a college education. Education leads to an open path of self-reliance by increasing my talents and abilities as an individual in society. I no longer dream for myself. I dream to be an example for all domestic violence victims. I have a passion for serving others through using my college education in a career.
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