College Education

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 College Education

Soon after we graduate from high school we look to the immediate transition; college. We stress and stress the importance of college, and how it is the road to the development to the rest of our lives. Examining the effectiveness of college may vary for some but can overall serve the same purpose and cause the same effects. College enables students to examine being an adult and expanding ones education on a career path that ideally you will take after graduation and completion of college, but can be detrimental to some due to the expenses. What each and every person does with college education depends upon them and how they handle it but will serve sufficiently if the importance of it is understood. The efficiency and importance of college is exceedingly stressed in one’s last year of high school. They assert that trying to attain things after high school will be extremely hard if one has not achieved a college education fully. What we tend to leave out of the effectiveness of college are the expenses. Anyone can get into to college but not many can afford it. College leaves many graduating in debt, or being attacked by banks and Sallie Mae for their money almost or if not right after graduation. One can spend a life’s savings on just a couple of classes taken at the institute, and have the money lost if you have failed the course. That money is now gone and wasted and there is nothing you can do to get it back. Although there some bad effects to receiving a college education, there are ultimately great reasons as well. Going to college is beneficial to anyone who decides to go because earning a higher education past high school would put you in a good position to getting a high salary job. In the past people were able to get by with just a high school diploma but in today’s generation things have become more of a competition because most high salary jobs are looking for the...
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