college easy way

Topics: Problem solving, Critical thinking, University Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: February 24, 2014
English 102
College the Easy Way
Bob Herbert in New York Times published March 4, 2011 stated that the middle class cannot afford sending their kids to colleges or universities now due to higher cost of education. He argues that a lot of students do not learn much. His argument is supported by a provocative new book, “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses” that states undergraduates were below standard in their skills, complex reasoning and writing. This article discusses how students’ commit less time to their studies and spend more time on social activities. The author made reference that in 1960 students committed more time to their studies than they do now, in addition students prefer to choose an easy major. They do not appear to want to put more effort on academics. They seem more concerned about their grade point average rather than acquiring the skills and technology that will benefit them in the future and therefore benefit communities in general. The author theorizes that these students are the leaders of the future and if they do not have the skills and critical reasoning their future is uncertain. Studies show that there is a fall in percentages of student’s skills, reasoning and problem solving. If a four year graduate cannot communicate effectively or solve problems efficiently, it will impact society and global economies as a whole. According to the statistics a student spends 36% on study and still has an average grade point of 3.16 but still lacked technical skills. Due to the lack of effective communication and critical thinking skills, a college graduate will be of no benefit to themselves or their communities because they will be ineffective in problem solving. The above mentioned problems with education have the long term possibility to affect all fields in which communication and critical thinking skills are paramount. Examples include healthcare, scientists, primary and secondary teachers, the judicial system,...
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