College Diversity

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Diversity in the College Setting
Colleges in America differ from numerous ways. It is noted that some are public while others are private. Some offer professional and graduate programs, while others offer undergraduate education. Each of the thousands of the colleges in the US has its own distinct and specific mission. This forms the basis for the diversity in the college setting. Diversity is very essential in America’s higher education system. It has helped to improve education, as well as making it among the best in the world. In order to serve the needs of America’s democratic society, it is necessary to preserve the diversity of the college setting. Therefore, diversity in the college setting is brought about by different aspects. First, it is noted that America has individuals from different beliefs, culture, and languages, among others. The college setting enrolls students from all these backgrounds, hence extending the chain of diversity in different areas. Diversity is found in the student bodies and staff. This provides the foundation for quality education and the need for fulfilling the mission of such colleges (Hu & Kuh, 2003).

Racial and ethnic diversity is among the factors that are considered during admissions in the US colleges. This is because diversity enriches educational experience. Students from diverse ethnic backgrounds encompass different experience. In this, they participate in the improvement of education through their beliefs, experiences and perspectives. The lessons from such experiences also help to diverse the social and intellectual environment. On the other hand, diversity in the college setting provides the basis for personal growth. The challenges encompassed in diversity encourage critical thinking as affirmed by Hu & Kuh, (2003). This also helps students to learn to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds. Sometimes, diversity could be brought about by diverse languages. Learning additional languages could be...

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