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Do you think it is necessary a university degree in order to become successful in life?

It is not possible to predict the future and know if it is possible to become successful in life. Most people try to follow the way that society has established. Studying, getting a university degree, or even graduate degrees are the common ways that people use to reach their goals. However, those long years of study not always mean that this person is going to be successful. In fact, a low percentage of businessmen feel satisfied with their performance. Therefore, a university degree is not always the only way to become successful in life; in fact, a lot of people without one have achieved their goals through hard work and sacrifice, a stroke of luck, and a college degree does not reflect the real knowledge of a person

Success in business or in life, does not always depend on a university degree that someone can get; in fact, if people work hard and make a lot of sacrifices can be successful without one. A degree it is not necessary to start a company from scratch, and if people work hard, they will achieve their goal. For example, most of the famous fast food restaurants, started from little restaurants managed by people who barely finished school. Also people with a clever and original idea can be really talented even if they never finished university. For instance, Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, and the world’s wealthiest person, did not finish his studies at Harvard University, because he decided to work in his projects on computer sciences and software development. Finally, another key to success is to never give up and continue working despite the problems and this is a virtue that is not learned in college. In particular, when Apple was almost bankrupt they continued working, and now this is one of the biggest companies around the world and is worth millions of dollars. For these reasons, if a person works hard, he/she can achieve his/her goals without a...
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