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Topics: Jawaharlal Nehru, Future, Indian National Congress Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Children are the future of every nation across the world. It is today's generation which can go ahead and make the world a better place. Children are our tomorrow - our future. Bright faces that you are going to see here today, while performing on stage, showing their talents and receiving prizes will be the citizens of tomorrow who are going to make a difference in our society. I hope you all are going to appreciate them, as well as to teachers also, who have putted lot of efforts.

Thank you XXX Sir, Good afternoon to all of you, as we all know today we are gathered here to celebrate our Annual Day. Nowadays, only academic excellence is not enough to make any child as outstanding performer. They should be good at extar- curricular activities also. From this prospective our teachers have putted lot of efforts with the little brainees for all the performances. Wishing them luck we will start

good morning to one and all present here . I am very happy to welcome our honourable chief guest,Our Principal teachers and one and all present here chief guest Mr.x was an assisstant commissner of Police.Inspite of his busy schedule.he has come to celebtate this day once again i thank Mr.x for the makes us honoured.Today we are gonna celebrate children'S day in this peaceful we all know,we are celebrating our former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday as children's day.our former prime minister loves children this day is celebrated as children


One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd."

I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.

As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids...
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