College Campus Issues

Topics: Parking, University, Parking space, Parking lot / Pages: 4 (1473 words) / Published: Oct 22nd, 2014
Soaring College campuses are filled with numerous entities that are essential for maintaining a positive college experience. Whether it be outside or inside, the entire campus signifies a place where students come everyday to learn, socialize, grow and prosper. Although St. Joseph’s College has many advantages for each and every student, there are certain aspects of the campus that require some improvements, which would help the Long Island Golden Eagles soar. These aspects include lack of parking space, nonexistent dorms, and issues within the cafeteria.
A more accessible campus where parking is not a problem is every college students’ dream. The reality is that college enrollment is increasing, while the number of parking spaces remain the same. College students often arrive to campus about thirty minutes before the start of class with the hope of obtaining a decent parking space. However, most of the time, the effort of getting to school extra early results in the school's inability to notice the extent to which the problem is occurring. There are students who have to work before coming to class, as a result, those particular students do not have the option of getting to the campus early. After battling traffic en route to campus, the next issue to deal with is parking further away, which can result in students being late to class. Students can be seen roaming campus parking lots looking for a spot as well as following peers around the lots with the intention of obtaining a closer spot. If a decent parking spot is unavailable, students are forced to park in a lot farther from class, in a faculty lot, in a deserted dark parking lot which is dangerous in and of itself, or on the street where there is a possibility of getting a ticket. Students should be able to focus solely on class, and not have to worry if there will be a ticket on the windshield after leaving class. There needs to be additional parking on campus made for those visiting the campus and

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