College Athletes and Their Allowance

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Dan Hinspeter
Jennifer Lewis
English 161
March 28, 2013
College athletes and their allowance. Where is it?

From the first beep of the alarm clock to the last click of the light at night, a college athlete is constantly busy. Between practices, classes, weight lifting, classes again, followed by another practice, and studying all being a normal day, college athletes have a lot on their plate. Not to mention the games or meets every week and the traveling to and from events that is added to their schedule during season, time can quickly run out in a single day. Knowing that this is going to happen, college athletes still sacrifice everything to live those four years of craziness simple because they love the sport they play and find it worth it. Only problem that lies with playing sports is, even though all of the hassles its still college on top of it all. With the pressures of good grades, learning, and completing an education, these are also tied into the equation for an athlete if they choose to continue and participate in sports following high school. On the other side, certain perks also come along with participating in sports, such as financial support, housing, free tutoring, and free transportation to and from sporting events. To a person that isn’t participating would see this as very manageable and is enough support given for what colleges ask student athletes to fulfill. The same college athletes that have to deal with that on a daily bases also have to be able to live a personal life outside of all that. What other college students can definitely attest to is a personal life requires additional expenses that aren’t correlated with the education also being paid for along with the room and board cost that are coupled in the price for college. For instance, clothes, food, supplies, personal travel, haircuts, tolls, or cell phone bill to name a few are all things needed out of college, of course some more than others. Money out of pocket for personal use supplies college athletes with another problem. With their days already barely having enough hours in it when are they supposed to add in the stresses and pressures of a job? Oklahoma running back Roy Finch said in an interview “but it's not that simple. These athletes are practicing one half of the day and going to school the second half; there's really no extra time for use to hold a job.”(Enno) With athletes having no significant source of income to survive, that is why I think college full-time student athletes should get paid.

Whether in the news or on a ESPN the most common news that is broadcasted isn’t what you would usually think. Instead of hearing a college player breaking some sort of record or making a game winning shot, the most common news is the trouble and scandals that college athletes are a part of. Out of most of those horrible news stories they all have to deal with a college athlete and money. In some occasion it’s not always just college athletes getting in trouble, but some stories are from professional athletes that are just then getting caught for the things they did for money when they themselves were in Collegant sports. The professional running back of the Miami Dolphins is a leading example of a student athlete who was penalized for looking out for his self while participation in college football. He accepted money along with other personal items to help get him through school and have his family taken care of at the same time. After winning the highest achievement in college sport for football (the Heisman) Reggie Bush got his trophy confiscated many years later even though he was in the NFL. This happens more often than none not just in football but other sports like baseball of basketball, which are unarguably the most popular sports in colleges today. The need for money and the situation the athletes are put in financially is what allows reoccurring troubles with college athletes. On occasions not only the athletes...
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