College Athletes

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For the longest time the NCAA was never a multi-billion dollar industry; many years they did not make half of that. Many big colleges had budgets that would make teams such as Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Oregon, Etc. laugh about what they were able to provide for sports. There have been questions for years about whether a college athlete should be paid or not and if athletes deserve to be paid for what they do at that level, after already being paid to go to school there, for most of the players. When athletes go to college they still put themselves in the same physical danger as a professional athlete does. The NCAA alone is a multi-billion dollar industry that generated over 845 billion dollars last year in 2011.Facts have shown that college athletes in the NCAA, on an annual salary, make zero dollars; however, it is a blessing that they are going to school for free. This business is that they get all the work done and the business they want to come in and basically the NCAA athletes work for free. Having a scholarship and having their education paid for is something great but the money they get for school is not the only money they need for the bumpy road to their profession. The billions of dollars that is received annually is nowhere close to being equitable to just a bachelor’s degree. What the student athletes are earning is a big slice of heaven to some students and their families of course, but it showed accumulate to something higher than that degree of college education. “The NCAA has been historically stubborn over changing its ways to adapt to the times. But lately, even NCAA President Mark Emmert has conceded that it may be time for college players in big money sports to start getting a cash stipend amounting to as much as a few thousand dollars per year.” (Blake Baxter, Eureka College) At least the president of the NCAA has been admiring the idea of giving money to the players and helping them through their college years. Being an athlete in college...
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