College and Following Questions

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a)Discuss the following questions and make notes of your discussion. 1 Imagine you are returning to your home after being away — what strikes you most about it? 2 What is special about the place?
3 How big is it and where is it? (population, distance from other places, etc) 4 How do people get in and get out? How do people get about once they are there? What are the roads like? 5 What are the different areas? What are they like? (old town, commercial areas, industrial zones, etc) 6 What type of housing do the people have? What is the architectural style like? 7 Where do people gather together outdoors? (squares, parks, etc) 8 What do members of the community do in their leisure time? (sports, cinemas, theatre or opera, museums and galleries, night clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes, etc) 9 How do people earn their living? (main industries, commerce, etc) 10 What facilities are there for secondary and higher education? (schools, colleges, universities, evening classes) 11 Would you recommend this place to a tourist? What are some of the sights that tourists visit? 12 What might a newcomer find strange or difficult about living there? 13 What do you like about the place? What do you dislike?

b) What kind of useful information can you find on the internet? Add the information to your responses. c) Organise your notes and develop them into three or four paragraphs. d) Check your writing and correct any mistakes.

e) Transfer your profile to an A4 paper and make illustrations or design a computer presentation. f) Display your profiles in class and vote for the best profile.

a) Обсудите следующие вопросы и сделайте примечания своего обсуждения. 1 Предполагают, что Вы возвращаете в свой дом после отсутствия — что ударяет Вас больше всего об этом? 2, Что является особенным о месте? 3, Насколько большой он и где это? (население, расстояние от других мест, и т.д.) 4, Как люди входят и выходят? Как люди добираются о том, как только они там? Как что...
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