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Identify three types of sensitive information involved with each situation. Then, describe three ways in which each information item could be misused or harmed. For each of these, note at least one likely finding that you would include in a risk analysis report of the organization. Finally, answer the questions at the end.





Personal Information

Personal property damage and loss

With financial institutions keeping a record of where a person lives, that can put their physical security at risk as well, as it leaves the person vulnerable to property theft or damage.

Identity Theft

Since financial institutions keep a lot of information on their customers, if a someone were able to access that information that person would be able to wreak havoc on that person's life

Company reputation

If a company has personal information released, the customers will feel less secure with their banking and will result in a business loss for the company

Financial Information

Opening additional accounts

Criminals can use the information contained in a financial report to open additional lines of credit, or other fraudulent accounts

Unauthorized withdrawals

With access to account numbers and credit card numbers a criminal can use wire transfers to move money to another account, make illegal withdrawals, or write fraudulent checks.

Spending habits

Criminals can monitor spending habits of a victim as not to arouse suspicion to continue using the member's identity.

Computer information


(organization or personal - specify which)




Personal information

Education information

Many people are proud of where they went to school, be it high school or college, and list the school that the attend as well as their dates of attendance which can be used to authenticate a person on many applications

Phone number

Using a phone number, you can find out where a person lives and from there it is a short amount of research to find out enough information about a person to steal their identity

Post following

You can learn a person's likes and dislikes and can start guessing what a person may have used as a password to other websites. You can also find out where they do banking, go to the doctors, learn their work schedules, and their family schedules.

Employment information

Place of employment

Many people post where they work, when they work, and in some instances in their post even post their earnings. This can all be valuable information to an identity thief

Work history

To apply for a line of credit a person needs to have a work history and this information can usually be obtained through a person's Facebook time line.

Coworker information

Finding out who a person's coworkers are and what goes on in the office can help a person interested in infiltrating an organization by making them seem as though they have been there before or that they have access when they do not

Family information


Many people post pictures of their families on vacation, in their home, around their car. All of this information can be used by an identity thief to make them seem more and more credible. It can also assist them in home invasions by being able to map out the house, know when people are on vacations, and what types of things would be in the house.

Names and dates of birth of family members

Many people use things that are easy to remember like name and dates of birth as passwords, pin numbers, and pass codes. Many people post this information openly on...

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