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College Admissions: Challenges Faced by Teens

By Vantaisia Oct 20, 2012 565 Words
One of the greatest challenges i believe that our generation will face is finishing high school, going to college and getting a job. One of the reasons that most teens wont finish high school is because alot of them are often peer pressured into doing things that will delay or prevent them from finishing such as getting pregnant, getting caught up in gangs and drugs. Another reason that teens may not finish high school is because they may not get required services that they need in order for them to do well or even understand the content of the work. Also teens may go to schools that are poorly funded by the state so they may not be able to get the supplies and books that they need for the classes. The school may also be a failing school and it may shut down before students get a chance to graduate and the students may not bother trying to look for another school. Teens can also be discouraged from finishing high school because of things that may be happening in school. Some people may have a hard time making friends which can make them lonely and not want to go to school or they may be a victim of bullying by others which may cause them to drop out.

Going to college may be a challenge for our generation for several diffrent reasons. One reason that teens may not go to college is because of the household that they come from. The people in their household may not have went to college so it might give the teen the mindset that if they didn't go then i shouldn't have to go. Another reason may be the type of neighborhood they live in. They may live in a more urban neighborhood where people that live there or were raised there aren't expected to go to college. It may make the teen skeptical to want to go because of what people may say about them if they do. A big reason is that the person may be indecisive as to what they want to do as a career. The major reason that most teens dont go to college is that even though they were accepted for financial aid they still may not be able to afford school.

Getting a job may be challenging for our generation because majority of the teens applying for these jobs dont even have the bare minimum requirement which is a high school diploma because they never finished high school. Another reason is that after they finish college and get their degree they may not be able to get a job in their choice field of career. They may also only have an associates degree which may not be enough college education for that particular job. Another reason is the rate of unemployment. Many people are getting laid off because the company they work for doesn't have enough money to pay them. If the companies dont have enough money to pay their best and most experienced workers how can they subsidize a teen. The major reason that they cant get a job is because most teenagers are lazy and dont want to get up and look for a job. They expect everything to be handed to them or they opt to take the easy way out and sell drugs or their bodies.

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