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Topics: Master's degree, Higher education, Bachelor's degree Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: September 22, 2008
Receiving my undergraduate degree was not something that I ever imagined possible in my future. Growing up in England and then moving to the United States made higher learning some what of a gray area. My drive to succeed paired with my parent’s support became the major factors in my decision to continue my education. College, like the cliché, truly was the best years of my life. In truth I wanted to proceed immediately to get my Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in accounting, but an academic counselor advised me that a stint in the “real world” would be the most advantageous choice. Three years after graduation and I now understand exactly how some professional experience can change your perception when choosing a Masters degree.

Currently I am employed at an aviation manufacturing company working in export compliance, which is a long stretch from the Accountant I once aspired to be. After numerous government seminars have reminded me of the personal gratification education provides. Since my freshman year in college my intention has been to obtain a Masters Degree and the aspiration continues to follow me in my daily life.

Working in a manufacturing environment has been astonishingly stimulating, and I would like to continue my pursuit of learning and be able to work competently at an executive level. I receive great satisfaction from the daily tasking and problem solving I encountered daily on the job, taking on more and more responsibility everyday. My position in Export Compliance requires me to interact with all functional groups within the company and I am fortunate enough to speak with individuals from all over the world. My enjoyment for Operations Management has become very apparent and my aspiration is to be able to manage logistical functions for an international corporation.
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