College adjustment of male and female freshmen students

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Background of the Study
Manila Central University is known to be one of the top performing schools in related to health sciences programs. This school is home of the topnotchers in different fields of medical science. In that note, the growing population of new students, Filipino and even foreign students is observable. Entering into a new university is a big challenge for every freshmen student because they need to adapt to the new setting. For many young people, the transition to college is relatively smooth and they learn to handle their new lives well. But for some, however, the need to manage new schedules, new friendships, new responsibilities and intense study can be overwhelming. Adjustment with university life is considered one of the main indicators of success in university life as it is an indicator for the student’s ability to face the problems resulting from fulfilling his academic, social and emotional needs. Through achieving adjustment with university life the students will be able to form a kind of good relationships with others in the university leading him to enhance his academic achievement. Moreover, adjustment with university life can be a strong indicator of the academic level of the students from one hand and the level of social relations development and achieving personal goals from the other hand. We can note that many educational scholars studied this aspect in order to explore the status of the academic, social and psychological level of undergraduate students then determining the problems facing them when trying to achieve their goals. The stage of university life is an important part of the student’s life as he moved from the total dependence on the teacher, family and curriculum into the complete independence. Moreover, many students move away from their cities into new places causing a change in their cultural, social and psychological environment, this may affect their adjustment with the university life. It is known that university life has its own demands and challenges, failure in meeting those demands and challenges will cause academic problems and issues. Psychological and social problems can also be manifested by a student who is the mostly affected by those problems. Therefore, it is important to guide students to achieve adjustment in order to avoid those problems and achieve their goals. The researchers decided to choose this study so as to identify the problems associated with in accordance with university life. This study can also help the students to resolve issues and problems they are facing during the adjustment period. Research wise, this study is more convenient to perform because we can conduct a survey inside the campus only so the researchers can save money, effort and time.

Statement of the Problem:
1. Profile of the respondents in terms of:
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Course
2. The general aim of the study is to know the level of college adjustment of male and female freshman students in Manila Central University. To be more specific, we will also analyze how these students adjust in different aspects like a. Social adjustment

b. Academic adjustment
c. Emotional adjustment

Objectives of the Study
This study specifically aims to determine the difference between the level of college adjustment of male and female freshmen college students of Manila Central University in terms of a) social adjustment b) academic adjustment d) emotional adjustment.

There is no significant difference in the level of college adjustment between male and female freshmen students of Manila Central University.

Significance of the study
This study greatly benefits students in adjusting to college, specifically in terms of a) social adjustment, b) emotional adjustment and c) academic adjustment In addition to this, these following groups of individuals will also gain benefit from this study: To the freshmen students, and upcoming freshmen...
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