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Logan Gray
Mandy Hall
CBC 1201
9 Dec 2012
Principles of Success
I knew the moment that I decided to go to college; the challenge of earning a degree was going to be one of the hardest I’ll ever come across in my life. But, I also knew that going through college would help me reach my full potential of life here on Earth. After going a semester through Principles of Collegiate Success, I learned that wise choices are the main reason of success. That the choices we take, determines the quality of our lives. Principles of Success have taught me a guide of eight different strategies to help me become not only a successful student but also a better person.

The first and most important principle of success to me is that you have to believe in yourself. If you never believe in yourself, you wont ever think of yourself as a worthy human being and will never reach the full potential you were born with. Then, only when you start to believe in yourself you will discover your personal value and that life her on this planet does have a meaning. My second principle I have recently started living by is accepting personal responsibility. Accepting personal responsibility means that you have learned that you are the primary one that can create the outcome of your life. As stated in the On Course textbook; the key ingredient of personal responsibility is choice. That the choices you make will determine how great and meaningful your life will be.

Discovering self-motivation is a great principle to follow to get you where you want to go in life. Without self-motivation you would probably feel depressed all the time and be resentful about the lack of direction in your life. But with it, your life would finally have a purpose and you could discover personal goals and even dreams. Then, any successful student in college has a need to master self-management. By mastering self-management you will develop self-discipline and at only on purposeful goals. You will also stop living...
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