Colleage Advice to a Frnd

Topics: Mother, Bad, Figure It Out Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Obiajulu Nwafor
English 101
Professor Zhanna Yablokova

Good advice has a different meaning for everyone. For me, good advice must be given by someone I trust. I take advice from my mother because I trust her and believe she wants the best for me. She always stand by me whether good or bad, and guides me in any decision I make in life. Don’t get me wrong. I do take advice from other people. When facing a dilemma and want other people’s opinion I do ask them what they think about a particular situation. But that doesn’t mean I will buy all they say. Am a good listener, but I always rely on my instinct to guide me. The people I take advice from need to be honest and sincere in what they tell me. They must lay the facts down in front of me and tell me what they would do in my situation. In the end, the adviser must let me decide to take or not to take the advice. If it is good advice, what they told me will change my view or action for the better. Good advice involves people we trust. Sometimes the people we turn for advice are our friends and parents. Take for example; I choose to use friends to illustrate good advice. They tell us the truth no matter how it will make us feel because they love me. Others choose their parents especially their mothers, as their advisor. Maybe this is so because they can relate more with them and had more of closeness. Advice is good whether it is taken or not, but is clearly the right way to go. Advice that works doesn’t have to be deep or inspirational. Take for example when a mother gives her children the advice to but a jacket on because it is cold outside. It is nothing new; it is just because she is concerned about her children and knows from experience that when it is cold you need a jacket. An example of bad advice was when I was in high school, some of my club members were...
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