Collaborative E-Commerce-Seller's Perspective

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Collaborative E-commerce: Sellers perspective

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COLLABORATIVE E-COMMERCE promotes collaborative business by allowing users to sell thier own products on its websites. It provides them market place to post their products. In this collaboration consumer is benefitted as well:

This whole mechanism works in the following sequence:
* Easily Upload Your Product Inventory
Use Web-based tools, free desktop software, or text files.
* Customers Buy Your Products
Amazon helps customers make quick, easy and worry-free purchases. * Ship Products to Customers
Receive order notifications via email and ship your orders or let Amazon fulfill for you. * Get Paid
Amazon deposits funds into your bank.

For this, the seller requires to set their profile on Following are the steps to be followed by a user to become a seller. 1. Prepare the product information
 Product identification (UPC, SKU)
 Product attributes (title, description, bullet points)
 Product image requirements
 Create search terms
 Understand Amazon classification
2. List the products on
 Choose the method for adding the products
 Upload the products' details to Amazon’s catalog
3. Account setup
 Confirm business name and address
 Enter contact information
 Enter payment information
 Set where the products ‘Ship from’
 set the shipping calculation method
 set the shipping regions and service levels
4. Setting up the seller profile
 about seller
 Set seller logo
 Set returns and refund policy
 Enter shipping information

Amazon has to be up there among the very best online shopping sites. Their delivery times are excellent, they provide online shopping for numerous countries and they accept just about every credit card there is. With a huge range of items from books to electronics and even gourmet food products, we have to wonder what we ever did before Amazon.

Amazon provides a number of services to its customers on its website with ease of use to do shopping online. Amazon website is highly secure, efficient given the large customer base it enjoys. Website Technology:

From 2003-2005, the official languages of Amazon were C++, Java, and Perl. Some people used Ruby and Python for some projects. Most of the main website application code was in Perl using something called Mason which basically let you interpolate Perl and HTML the way you can with PHP. Amazon also has a lot of SQL databases, both Oracle and MySQL. CSS is used for designing and Javascript is used to make it much more interactive and lively. The core technology that keeps Amazon running is Linux-based. As of 2005, Amazon had the world’s three largest Linux databases, with capacities of 7.8 TB, 18.5 TB, and 24.7 TB. The central data warehouse of Amazon is made of 28 Hewlett Packard servers with four CPUs per node running Oracle database software. Amazon’s technology architecture handles millions of back-end operations every day, as well as queries from more than half a million third-party sellers. With hundreds of thousands of people sending their credit card numbers to Amazon’s servers every day, security becomes a major concern. Amazon employs Netscape Secure Commerce Server using the Secure Socket Layer protocol which stores all credit card details in a separate database. The company also records data on customer buyer behavior which enables them to offer or recommend to an individual specific item, or bundles of items based upon preferences demonstrated through purchases or items visited. is a dynamic website as it is connected with other websites. For example, it is connected with payment processing websites or...

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* Textbook: MIS Eleventh Edition: By Ken, Jane and Rajanish
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