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Volume 1

No. 1

November 2013

Bulacan conducts RSPC Training
In preparation for a tougher competition, selected pupils from different schools from Bulacan all gathered for a
4-day training led by the
PressCon Officers.
These pupils were divided into 4 categories namely as
Collaborative Publishing (English and Filipino) and Script Writing
(English and Filipino). Each category consists of 7 members. Selected school paper adviser supervised the training.
Prior to the competition, they were met by Dr. Gregorio C.
Quinto, assistant schools division superintendent. He advised the students to observe discipline and
Dr. Quinto reminds the RSPC participants do their best as they represent the
Province of Bulacan for the upcoming Regional Schools make pride for the Bulacenos.
A Division Training
Press Conference at Clarkfield Airbase, Angeles City Pampanga (DN TRG) was held for the
Dr. Quinto on November 28-29.
Regional Schools Press Conalso reminded that we should ference (RSPC) last Novemwork as a team. Bulacenos will ber 11 at the Baliuag North be proud of us because we gave
Central School (BNCS). the guts to win this things and
Division training of North Central School (BNCS)
The DNTRG has start- to be eliminated for the NationRegional Schools Press Con- last November 12. ed with the Opening message ference (RSPC) in the team
The training for team by Dr. Gregorio C. Quinto. He als events was held at the Baliuag events started at 8:00 in made an inspirational message the morning until 4:00 in for the RSPC participants. the afternoon. 7 members
He reminded in each 4 groups of Colthe things that the writers laborative Publishing
(English and Filipino) and needed and to bring for the
Script Writing and Radio RSPC. He also told us that we
(SWRB) should win this competition to

2013 RSPC Training


English and Filipino.

There are also coaches from
This training was
The Journalists different schools who taught made for journalists to make was accompanied by their the journalists. pride as Bulacenos and to make coaches in the training. pride to their schools.



November 2013


The k to 12 program of the Department of Education is now being built from the ground up. But no matter the plans laid out by the architects and engineers the DepEd officials and stakeholders of education in charge of the biggest reform yet, the program would not amount to anything without the real frontlines :the teachers.
These people bore the brunt of the K to 12 shift to
2012. The pressure was most evident in the case of kinder garten teachers many of whom work as volunteers.
Kinder garten teachers took responsibility for the 1.7 million kindergarten pupils of 2012-2013. But it is disheartening to know that a volunteer kindergarten teacher receives only
Php3000 a month. Much has been said about DepEd ‘s readiness to roll out this reform. Critics have pointed out the backlog in classrooms, washrooms, equipment, and textbooks in schools as a hurdle to getting the education system up and running and following the Kto12 design.

now more than ever. While they may be willing to sacrifice
But what many of us forget is the shortage of teachers. much in the name of their pedagogic duty, their efforts should
With the advent of K to 12, the school system needs the numbers never be mulcted. They are our unsung heroes neither should

Freedom that comes with violence
The outbreak of fighting Yolanda may be the extension of our punishments, but the aftermath on
Filipino sitizen continues far and wide.
Because of the violence, about 3000 people died is now bried. The questio is just how ready is the Philippine goverment to re-absorb Filipinos whose livelihood has been halted by the clashes?Labor Sec.Rosalinda
Baldoz is giving repatriates the opportunity to avail the benefits from the balik pinas , balik hanapbuhay program.
The Aquino administration has set up this P2 billion assistance fund that would help frormer Filipino workers open a small business.The assistance ranges from
8000 t0 10000 pesos while the serup is commendable, the ammount of funding is not enough to provide workers the benefits they deserve after having the service thay gave

Lester S. Perreras
Christian Dave C. Evangelista
Associate Editor
Rachel Gail B. Magsino

Managing Editor
Jose Jego G. Espiritu
Jennie V. Villanueva
Editorial Editor
David Joshua F. Dimalata News Editor
Xaira P. Roxas
Feature Editor
Sports Editor

November 2013


The Narrow Path

“What you are is
God’s gift to you. What you make is your gift to
Life is our world. Life is a thing when we live to this planet. I’m a

Through the centuries
Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s ageless question “Rings is our ears where are the youth who will consecrate the golden hours for the welfare on their native land? And my answer is:
I’m here Dr. Jose Rizal I’m here with a manifold mission to fulfil. youth


born 11 years ago my voice may luck the respectability of age but I have a eyes that see and ears that hear I have a heart that beats and mind that thinks.
With all these attributes I call upon you to reconsider or re-evaluate that pleading stand for our


young people.
“Magic” magic has a trick when people do that. But our God can do that without a trick because he has a power to heal people and other living things that lives in this planet.
Doing a mission is not just an ordinary thing it is a passion, a commitment and mission.
Making a magic will make the people smile, make their problem erased and inspire them that will make their dreams come true.#


“With every generation there is destiny for some history decides but for this generation the choice
“A Nation’s greatness resides not only in her mamust be our own.” terial resources but in the will, faith, intelligence and morIn life, there are al faces of her people. many challenges that
The World is a beautiful masterpiece of existence. people has yet to discovSince its creation the picture of the world has been slowly taker, like journalism, stuing shape, with its generation of man, making its indelible dents are battling their mark on great canvas. skills and talents to level
Generations of today are getting rot, values are devel- up and to go on the divioping worse, and attitudes are resulting in rude because of sion level and if they win different problem they encounter. it they will moved on in
The recent issue about Super Typhoon “YOLANDA” the regional level called make the people cry. Some people get drowned, some people Regional Schools Press
get accident, some people get died because of that super ty- Conference where they represent phoon. their own city to the reThis is one of the strongest typhoons in the world. gional level in Fontana,
Last November 8, Friday in the morning Love Añover and her Clark Field, Hotel and reporters get reported what is happening in Tacloban, Leyte Resort in Angeles, Pamand the camera has been out of battery, and last afternoon panga on November 28they have seen Love Añover crying because she recognize 29. the feeling of the typhoon. The air, the rains are coming in the
The categories are city. The Cathedral church has been destroyed because of
Copy reading and Headthat super typhoon. line Writing, Feature
Let’s end the word “Tragedy” to make the people Writing, Editorial Writsmile and laugh to make our planet safe and sound.

ing, Photo Journalism,
Science Writing, News
Writing and Sports Writing, there are some categories like Collaborative
Publishing, Script Writing and Radio Broadcasting.
All of those categories are needed to use pencil because those categories are needed to write. The skills of yours can be recognized in those Competitions and Categories.
The reason why we join this competition in our life, because the scholarship the discount and extracurricular that can help to make us smart and make our family proud in this competition

The Battle of the Champions

Harry Linares prevails over Roel Manuel, 2-1
It's really a tough errors in the service and game. Roel is a great player. He sur- had difficulty in return. prised me in the first set. To God be the
glory for this trophy," said 21-year old failed to grab the first set.
Linares after the awarding ceremony.
Thus, he
The lawn tennis court is caught the second and third full of tension from the enthusiasts. set. As a result, he was the
Manuel committed a lot crowned champion. of abortive returns Linares sizzled with
powerful topspins, arsenal of volley and crosscourt baseline drives that bring Lina- received PHP 300,000 plus trophy while Manuel pockres to a 6-3 score in the third set. eted PHP 100,000.
Linares founded Manuel in the second set with smashes forged with placing and surprised with dropshots. The
Ken Castro, second set was in the favor of Linares again. While in the first set,
Manuel showered Linares with backhand drives Linares committed six unforced

"A 12-year old sampaguita vendor" Gilas demolishes Warriors, 3-2
Team Filipinas will represent the Philippines in the 2012
Olympics in London as they slaughter the latter against Jordan Team.
CHANG MAI, China Via nerve-fuzzling wallops and devastating spikes, Team Filipinas dismantle the offense of Jordan Team in the Championship Game of Women's Volleyball, 25th
Asian Game at China Dome, yesterday. 25
-20, 15-25, 18-25, 25-23, 17-15.

a great gold dozer
2004 record of Manny Santos in 100
m. (11.58 secs.)

"May potential ang batang ito, transfer siya sa school
Castro was a from Bacolod City," said Castro's
Grade VI pupil at Calumpit Cen- coach Abner Valdez. tral School, and he was also a great
Castro beat Alvin qualifier of Provincial Athletic
Tayson of Hagonoy East, a CLRAA
gold medalist last year and a PalaKen Castro pulver- rong Pambansa qualifier. Tayson ized competitors after crossing the took the first 70 meters before Castro finished line 30 meters ahead of his uncorked a burst of speed in the last five opponents in the EDDIS I Ele- 30 meters for gold with the time of mentary Level Track and Field Com- 12.15 secs., compared to Castro's petition at Sta. Isabel Sports Com- time as he cross the 100 m finish line plex, yesterday. with the time of 11.56 secs

gap between their score.
Abadam punished Team
with 10 wallop serves in the second and third set.

Castro broke the
"Determination and prestige pumped-up the players' spirit in this
See-saw battle in the last game. Thank you to all the Filipino people set, deuce at 15, two spikes from Cruz, who prayed for us to bag the title," said
Second and third set was Gilas grabbed the title.
Team Filipinas coach Homer Ruiz. in the favor of Jordan Team.
Vina Cruz with her two
That was the first time in
Thus, Jean Luna, team consecutive spikes in the last set from 15 the history of the Philippines to win captain of Filipinas, shines in the last two all sealed game.
ASIAN crown in volleyball. sets with 18 spikes and 13 blocks.
Rizza Dee of Gilas startWarriors dictated the ed with game and finish the first set with tempo of the game in the 4th set up to 20eight blocks. Fe Acosta also contributed 15, Lino released three spikes and posted five aces and three whizzing serves that two blocks to tie the game at 20-all. led the team to 25-20 lead.
Gina Diaz ceased the set
Jordan players breaks with placings and drop shots.

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