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7a: The project is estimated to be completed on July 12, 2012. The project will take 135 working days.
7b: Need Survey->Set Product Specs->Shelf Life Report->Secure Fruit Suppliers->Production Trials->Quality Trials->Quality Metrics->Quality Training->Prepare Product Launch
Need Survey->Set Product Specs->Equipment Rehab-> Production Trials->Quality Trials->Quality Metrics->Quality Training->Prepare Product Launch
7c: Select Distributors has the most total slack at 50 days.
7d: This network is very sensitive. It has 2 critical paths and free slack ranges from 5 to 50 days.
7e: The two milestones I chose were the production trials and preparing the product launch. I chose these because there would be no product without trials and preparing the product launch means that they are ready to be sold.

POS+ Project Part 1
Gantt chart

POS+ Project Part 1
Network Diagram

POS+ Project Part 1
Schedule Table

Marketing staff, research and development, and the legal staff are over allocated. When attempting to resolve over allocation problems within slack, the marketing and legal staffs are no longer over allocated, but research and development still is over allocated. By doing this it has increased the sensitivity to the network because there are now 11 critical activities and there were only 10 before, and there is now 3 critical paths compared to only 2 previously. Also the slack has decreased to a range of 5 to 30 days making the network more sensitive. When leveling outside of slack, it extends the project by 7 days, but it also creates one clear, critical path which decreases the sensitivity slightly. The slack stays the same with a range of 5 to 30 days.

The project will cost $921,885.71 and the most expensive activity is the equipment rehab at $254,400. The cash flow statement tells me that the costs were not distributed very evenly over the life span of the project.

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