Colgate Max Fresh

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Colgate Max Fresh
Throughout history, society has evolved with a numerous set of consumer products that have over a period of time become essentials and have morphed into the daily lives of people without even having them notice it. Personal hygiene is a market that is reflective of this trend as generations have evolved by incorporating new trends and behaviors that the previous generation considered a luxury. Colgate-Palmolive symbolizes the personal hygiene industry in the US, and as an international corporation has established itself as a leading household name in many foreign countries. CP’s most popular brand, Colgate Max Fresh was a roaring success owing to its innovative identity and value that it created for consumers. By incorporating a new breath-strip and a variety of therapeutic techniques Colgate Max Fresh achieved phenomenal success accounting for over 40% of their revenues along with products released after 2000. With a successful product in the US, Colgate-Palmolive decided to target its global audience by marketing to various geographies namely China and Mexico as the case Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-out points out. Their global strategy posed immense challenges in terms of overcoming cultural barriers, but the “must-have” toothpaste market refined CP’s marketing strategy with fewer players to compete with.

The Colgate-Palmolive Company's (CP) ambitions did not just include plans to maximize business potential in local markets such as Mexico, but they also aspired to wipe out Crest as competition and dominate the market share in Mexico. Seeing as how Colgate already had 82% value share in Mexico, it was particularly difficult to launch a new product without compromising some sales on the parent brand, particularly because there was relatively flat toothpaste demand—which meant that it was hard to "secure incremental shelf space" and that Mexicans were probably less likely to try new products. CP decided to brand CMF as a...
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