Coles Analysis

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Who are the major competitors to Coles and how are the competitors positioned relative to Coles?

Major Competitors:
·David Holdings
·Composite Buyers

Company 85/8686/8787/8885/8686/8787/88
Coles Myer43704606505526.325.526.4
Davids Holdings1200220022007.212.211.5
Composite Buyer2303839371.42.14.9
Total for above11582146691649669.881.386.1
All Aust. Grocer165851803419152100.0100.0100.0

The four major Supermarket operators were Coles Myer, Woolworths, Franklins, and Jewel. Based on the table above we can see that Coles Myers major competitor Woolworths Limited, had the highest amount of sales in all there years between 1985-88, whilst it also had the largest market shares. Franklins Sales were growing ($815m in 1985 to $1675m in 1988) but still very low compared to Coles or Woolworths, its market share was also growing but still no where compared to the top 2 competitors.

What are the competitors Strengths and Weaknesses?
·All the major competitors managed their own warehousing and controlled their distribution via their own distribution divisions or by contraction this activity to transportation companies. ·Closure of unprofitable stores

·Reducing inventory through improvement of inventory management. ·Selling inconsistent businesses
·Reducing interest and overhead costs
·Improving management information systems
·Improving distribution – gaining direct control of NSW distribution ·Focusing on core businesses
·Refurbishment of existing stores
·Shifting retail focus from serviced variety to self-service style. ·Following a diversification strategy
·Having well trained personnel offering better service, higher quality and a wider range of products. ·Catering for...
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