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TASK 1: As a marketer it is your role to research the how, when, where and why about how a business can grow it’s customer base.

Step 1 -Research a company
Research your chosen company’s SWOT (internal strengths and weaknesses External opportunities and threats) 10 Marks

Step 2- Identify what your company does well in relation to marketing its products and services. 10 Marks

Step 3 -Highlight what your company could do better in promoting its products and services. 10 Marks

Step 4- Identify who are your company’s main competitors and what do they do that your company does not. 10 Marks

Step 5- Imagine that you have been promoted as CEO of your chosen Company. What systems would you change, to make the Company a more effective organisation? 10 Marks

Write your findings down in a report style (Minimum 1000 words)

Task 2: Present your report in front of the class in Power Point slide Presentation form; certain students will have similar industries so that the students should be able to compare their companies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Coles Group Limited

The Grocery industry is one of the most important industries in the Australian economy. The industry employs a big proportion of the workforce and is connected to many other industries in the economy environment. Supermarkets are one of the key players in the grocery industry providing around 70% of the value of the retail market for food and groceries. The two major grocery chains – Woolworths and Coles – dominate with almost 70% market share of an industry valued at A$80+ billion. Over the past 5 years the sector has been witness of some significant developments. Dynamics were changed after new players like Costco entered the market and ALDI verified a rapid growth since its first appearance in 2001, making colossal to chase market shares by reviewing their campaigns. Some key statistics for the participants in the industry are presented in the Table 1
Table 1.1: Players in the grocery industry

Retailer Market Share Woolworths 41.1% Coles / Bi-Lo 31.0% Other supermarkets ALDI 14.0% Speciality Foods / Franklin 7.1% Source: Coles Data, 2012

Coles is one of the two major supermarkets operating in Australia. In 1927 became property company and was launched on the Melbourne Stock Exchange; in 1985, Coles Myer Ltd.was established after a A$918 transaction. Myer was divided from the Coles Group to private equity interests in 2005, it has therefor not been part of the group since then. Westfarmers was founded in 1914, and in 1985 has been restructured to a public company and was listed on the ASX. Coles Supermarket is part of the Coles Group and subsidiary of Westfarmers for a total of: 749 full service supermarket retailer stores

792 liquor stores and 92 hotels
627 national fuel and convenience stores

The reaserch conducted shows that Cole’s market share of 31% has not moved materially in recent years; is one of the successful supermarkets in Australia in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation in product strategy, marketing strategy, financial capability and strong work culture. To analyze the Global segmentation, we can consider the presence of Westfarmers in New Zealand, but the nation largest employer remains committed to providing a satisfactory return to shareholders. The management of Coles supermarkets has not had many political barriers except the adherence to the sector’s rule and regulations. The slow growth uncertainity in the Australian economy poses a threat for...

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