Cold War Speeches and Policies - Short Analysis

Topics: Cold War, Marshall Plan, Iron Curtain Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: August 31, 2013
The Iron Curtain Speech

1) What Russian need does Churchill say ‘we understand’? The Russian need to be secure on her western frontiers from all renewal of German aggression. We welcome her to her rightful place among the leading nations of the world.

2) How does Churchill describe the Polish government?
The Russian-dominated Polish government has been encouraged to make enormous and wrongful inroads upon Germany, and mass expulsion of millions of Germans on a scale grievous and undreamed of are now taking place.

3) What does Churchill claim the communist parties of Eastern Europe are seeking to do? The Communists parties, which were very small in all these eastern states of Europe have been raised to pre-eminence and power far beyond their numbers and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control. Police governments are prevailing in nearly every case and so far, except in Czechoslovakia, there is no true democracy.

4) Name the countries that Churchill states are ‘causes of anxiety’ in from of the iron curtain. The future of Italy hangs in the balance and one cannot image a regenerated Europe without a strong France.

5) Of what does Churchill declare to be convinced ‘ from what I have seen of our Russian friends and allies during the war? He is convinced that there is nothing they admire so much as strength, and there is nothing for which they have less respect than for military weakness.

The Truman Doctrine

1) What did Truman tell Congress the United States had received from the Greek Governments? The United States received from the Greek government an urgent appeal for financial and economic assistance.

2) What did the President declare threatened the very existence of the Greek state? The very existence of the Greek state is today threatened by the terrorist activities of several thousand armed men, led by Communists, who defy the government’s authority at a number of points, particularly along the northern boundaries....
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