Cold War DBQ

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Cold War DBQ

The United States and the Soviet Union fought together as allies during World War II, although in reality they rarely agreed with one another. The leading cause of their disagreement proved to be Communism. The Soviets had a difficult time forgiving the Americans because of the Americans’ refusal to accept the Soviets as part of the international community. The Soviets were also unhappy with the USA’s late entry into the war. Neither nation ever fully trusted the other from then on. When the Soviet Union began expansion after the war, many Americans feared that the Russians were pushing for world domination. In addition, when Germany was broken up among the four countries of France, Great Britain, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union had the most land of all. (Document C) These disputes led Winston Churchill to warn that an “iron curtain” was descending through the middle of Europe. Joseph Stalin made the situation worse by claiming that World War II was an unavoidable and inevitable consequence of "capitalist imperialism" and implied that such a war might reoccur. After his death, East-West relations went through phases of alternating relaxation and confrontation. The Cold War was not entirely made up of the tension between the Soviets and the Americans. There were some battles called “proxy wars” fought by allies of the USSR, along with competition for influence in the Third World. The Soviets themselves attacked countries such as Belgium, who were unprepared for the surprise attack. (Document B) The majority of the responsibility for the Cold War lies in the hands of the Soviet Union, and only minimally the United States.

One reason that the Cold War was the Soviet Union’s fault was the land dispute. The Soviets attempted to expand their already enormous country into Eastern Europe. Angered by this, the United States began to distrust the Soviets and feared that they were trying to control the world....
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