Cold War Dbq

Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, Cuba Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: January 10, 2011
In the late 1940’s, the United States and Soviet Union had become locked in a Cold War. The war was a dreadful time for both sides, keeping all citizens on edge. The war didn’t only affect the two superpowers prepared to fight though; it also affected the rest of the world. The Cold War had a large impact on developing countries like India, Cuba and Egypt. Depending on whom each country allied with, it either prevented or helped each country’s reform, development and independence. Because of the war, the US and the USSR needed the support of other countries in case a battle broke out. They used allies for military support or even just as a trading partner. They bribed some developing countries to be on their side, since they knew they needed the money (Doc. 6). Although India chose the path of nonalignment, they still accepted aid from both sides. Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India at the time once said, “We think that by the free exchange of ideas and trade and other contacts between nations, each will learn from each other and truly prevail. We therefore endeavor to maintain friendly relations with all countries, even though we may disagree with them,” (Doc. 1). Since India believed in trade between all countries, their political differences didn’t stop them from accepting aid from the US and USSR. They needed the money being given to them to help establish a new, strong country. In this way, India played each country off each other, because each would keep paying more to get India on their side. Another country, Egypt, also depended on others’ attitudes during the war. Egypt never became directly involved in the war, meaning they would never be military allies, but still sided with the USSR. By not becoming militarily involved, they stayed at peace while still receiving Russian aid for development (Doc. 2). This was a smart tactic, because no developing country would want to go to war and create havoc. Cuba, almost like India, depended on both...
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