Cold War

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Joseph Stalin Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Cold War DBQ
Between 1941 and 1949, the Soviet Union and the United States, capitalists and communists had a major disagreement about political affairs. From the Red Scare, to the Bolsheviks Revolution, communism fright has spread around the US. The United States wanted to spread capitalism and decrease communism, while the Soviet Union wanted the opposite. Both sides used several methods and/or tactics to stop the spread of the opposite political view. These methods used by the United States and Soviet Union increased tension and suspicion between the two countries. Creations and arrangements of many conferences and actions taken by either side led to the Russian and American alliance to be broken and suspicion and tension led to a long lasting Cold War.

In World War II, Russia began to fight with Germany. During the war, Russia became weak and the United States and Great Britain did not step in to contribute to its ally (Doc 1). The Casablanca Conference, in 1943, was held to discuss the second front in which Russia was missing since the US and Great Britain refused to help and how to find a strategy to end the war. The refusal by the two countries made Russia believe that the US was against them for being communist and increased suspicion of how loyal its American ally was. The Casablanca Conference was successful and set up how the rest of the war would go (Doc 2).

Also in 1943, the Tehran Conference was yet another meeting by the Allied Powers. They met to discuss D-Day, which was the Eastern and Western fronts. The US and Great Britain wanted to secure Russian cooperation for the full time the war was going on. Russia had to pledge to be loyal if Turkey entered the war and this created tension by forcing Russia to engage in something it did not want to do. The conference also confirmed that Russia would agree to open the Eastern front in France in the future. Although the US president was satisfied, Stalin was still aggressive toward opening the...
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