Cold War

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Cold War was caused by Stalin's 'aggressive defense' and his attempts to encourage Communism in places like Korea, Vietnam and Cuba. USA failed to try and understand Stalin's need for security (Russia had been invaded twice in 2 world wars). Hence, both sides (USA and USSR) are partly to blame for a failure to listen, understand and compromise with each other.

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 Background  End of World War II (1945-47)  Beginnings of the Cold War (1947-53)  Crisis and escalation (1953-62)  Confrontation through détente (1962-79)  Second Cold War (1979-85)  Final years (1985-91)


  

 The cold war (Youtube) (24 episodes- approx 45mins each)  Documents related to Cold War

TIMELINE  Week 1: (Background) End of World War II [ Wartime conferences regarding post-war Europe, Potsdam Conference and defeat of Japan, Beginnings of the Eastern Bloc, Preparing for a new war]  Week 2 & 3: (Beginnings of Cold War 1947–53) Beginnings of Cold War [Containment and the Truman Doctrine, Marshal Plan, Berlin Blockade and airlift, NATO beginnings, Chinese Civil War, Korean War].

 Week 4: (Crisis and escalation 1953-62) Warsaw Pact, Hungarian Revolution, European Integration, Competition in the Third world, Space race, Cuban Revolution, Berlin Crisis.  Week 5: (Confrontation through détente 1962-79) French NATO withdrawal, Brezhnev Doctrine, Third world escalations, Late 1970s deterioration of relations.

 Week 6: (Second Cold War 1979-85)
Soviet war in...
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