Cold Stone Creamery Business Proposal

Topics: Ice cream parlor, Ice cream, The World Factbook Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Cold Stone Business Proposal

Cold Stone Creamery is an American business based from Tempe, Arizona. Cold Stone provides premium quality ice cream made on the spot of each location for their customers. Cold Stone has revolutionized the ice cream industry by inventing their signature ice cream creations. No ice cream parlor before has ever given the option of creating an ice cream creation, or mixture. In these mixtures you are allowed to combine any premium ice cream with any ingredient of your choice from nuts to candy pieces. Not only do they have their unique ice cream creations, they have expanded their menu since their business was born in 1988. Cold Stone Creamery also sells other related products such as smoothies, shakes, blended coffee, ice cream cakes, pies, and cookie sandwiches.

Research will be taken from many helpful business websites like Google finance, World Data Bank, and the CIA World Fact Book. These sites list information and statistics on population, government, military, and economic information for nations all over the world. Databases will also be evident in providing information through scholarly articles and peer reviews. Sites like these provide useful information that will help us decide where and when the economy strives the most. We will also be visiting the locations of a couple different Cold Stone locations to get insight and tips on how to open your own Cold Stone business. We will be interviewing the managers and hopefully owners to get real solid information on how to get started on your own business. We will also learn what tools we need to run the ice cream parlor most successfully. Once all our research is gathered we are going to organize it and put it all together. Then make our own plan towards opening and successfully running our own Cold Stone Creamery internationally.

Cold Stone Creamery is a brilliantly successful ice cream parlor in the United States with a genius idea that would be very successful over...
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