Cold Mountain

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Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain, a novel wrote by Charles Frazier, is a Civil War story, a magnificent love story between a wounded Confederate soldier – Inman who deserts and begins a lonely, dangerous journey to find the way back home, and his lover – Ada who tries to survive after her father’s death. The Cold Mountain is the destination Inman wants to arrive at, and a place where Ada transform from a city girl into a mountain woman. The story is woven around the experiences of Inman and Ada trying to rebuild their lives from the desperation and disaster of the war, all the while trying to find a way to see each other again--whilst they are so far apart.

Cold Mountain opens with Inman staying in a Virginia hospital trying to recover his wound from the war. One day he speaks to a blind man he usually saw through the window of the hospital’s room. When the blind man asks Inman to “cite me one instance where you wished you were blind,” Inman doesn’t know where to begin. There are many like: Malvern Hill, Sharpsburg, Petersburg, but “Fredericksburg was a day particularly lodged in his mind.” At that time, he wishes that he himself had been blind at Fredericksburg when his regiment shot down thousands of Federal troops. He wishes that there is no war that takes many lives of soldiers, partitions families and makes him shatter by the violence he has witnessed while fighting in the Confederate army. Inman returns to the ward and opens his copy of Bartram’s Travels at random. He finds himself lose in descriptions that remind him of his home near Cold Mountain. One day in town, he writes a letter to Ada inform her that he will return home. That night, he leaves the hospital through a window and sets out on his journey back to North Carolina. On his way to Cold Mountain, he faces many challenges, tries to survive from starving and being murdered, but his mind always turns to events of the past, the day he met Ada. The dark-haired girls make him think of Ada, his lover, who gives him strength to keep going, crossed the Cape Fear River, avoids the townspeople and has to flow downstream to avoid getting shot thanks to the skill of a young dark-haired girl paddling a dugout canoe. Late in the night, Inman walk along the banks of the Deep River, he meets with a man who he scares can be a Home Guard, but it turns out to be a preacher who is trying to kill his pregnant lover. Inman takes his gun out and makes the man lead him to where the woman lives. When they arrive, Inman ties the man to a tree, carries the woman to her house and puts her on the bed. He tells her that the man is no good, leaves a note, and then he leaves. Her long dark hair remains him about Ada again, and he dreams about her dressed in white with a black shawl while he is staying with the gypsies through the night. The next day he wakes up and finds himself alone. The gypsies have gone. He continues his journey, cheered by the memory of his dream. But he once again gets intervening with the preacher he met before. They become the companion of the journey. He tells Veasey, the preacher, about the battle of the Crater at Petersburg, another gruesome slaughter in the war. The next day, he meets and shares a hayloft with a traveler named Odell who claims to be very wealthy. They drink and Odell tells Inman his story about falling in love with the slave, Lucinda, but his father against them and sell Lucinda off to someone in Mississippi. Odell also tells of the horrors he’s seen in his travels, the savage punishment and murder of slaves, wishes one day he can find and marry his woman. Inman continue his journey with Veasey until they meet a man called Junior. They help Junior out and in return, Junior treats them dinner and let them rest at his house. But Junior actually brings the Home Guard back with him to arrest Inman and Veasey. They are tied to a string of fifteen other prisoners and walked eastward for several days. One night they stop and the Guard decides the...
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