Cold Blood

Topics: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Cold Blood

While reading through the passage I noticed “the Journalist” which appeared to be a very important person in the background. Because the thoughtful answers of Dick, which created important parts of the dialogue and were very important contents of the book were based on the questions of “the Journalist”. The first time I read the Passage, I was wondering about who was the “journalist” in this book. I kept reading to understand why the “journalist” kept in touch with Dick and Perry and took Interviews asking a lot of personal questions. The “Journalist” was highlighted, because all the people in the passage were called by their names, only the name of the “journalist” was not mentioned. It seemed to be a person that should not be mentioned by his name within the book, not explaining why, without background information. The Interview, “The Story behind a Nonfiction Novel” carried clarified answers (page 3). In the Interview Truman capote is asked, how he challenged himself by writing a nonfiction novel without mentioning himself in it, even if he took all the interviews and was involved in the case. Adding up these information’s means that The Journalist is Truman capote himself. Why did he do that? To create “total credibility” and use the rhetorical strategy logos in his book, to make the audience believe the words written in the book. He manipulates the way the reader should think about the credibility of the book. Reaching for a fantastic Nonfiction novel, without himself stepping into his story. He created this nonfiction novel using logos to open the eyes of the audience to understand the reality of the unfair capital punishment.

Reading another part of the passage, showed a lot of paragraphs connecting to the negative capital punishment and heartless hangings. In the book is described how the verdict of someone is a game of chance compared to the “Wheel of fortune”. It’s also mentioned how a price is put on a human life. Analyzing the...
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