Colai Unit 2 Assignment Brief

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Business BTEC Level 2

Unit 2 – Business Organisation



Date Assignment Handed Out:

Date First Draft Due:

Date Final Assignment Due:

Task One:Business aims & objectives

Make a PowerPoint presentation in which you will describe aims and objectives of business organisations (profit-making and non-for-profit) and explain why businesses set them.

Your presentation must include the following

a. Definition of “aims” and “objectives”. Explain in your own words what is meant by aims and objectives. (P1)

b. Explain what is meant by SMART objectives? What does SMART stand for? Explain and define each letter using business examples. (P1)

c. Explain why businesses like Tesco & Oxfam have a mission statement? What is the purpose for these businesses setting aims & objectives? List at least 4 reasons and please explain your answer. (P2)

d. You have just been appointed the new manager of Tesco Plc, you must now create your own list of at least three aims & objectives for the business. Please make sure for each aim you create three objectives that you feel is appropriate. (P3)

e. Choose FOUR different sector businesses E.g. Tesco & Oxfam. McDonalds & COLAI. Clearly state the aims and objectives for each business. Compare the similarities and differences in their aims and objectives. (M1)

Assessment criterion:

P1: Define aims and objectives.

P2: Describe the purpose for a business setting aims and objectives.

P3: Write aims and objectives for a selected business.

M1: Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses.

Deadline for this task: _________________________________________

Task 2: Functional Areas

Following requests from the local schools & colleges, your line manager has now asked you to write a report which explores the main functional areas within business organisations. This will have to be quite a...
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