Cola Wars

Topics: Coca-Cola, Zam Zam Cola, Cola Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Coca-Cola's advertising has had a significant impact on American culture. Coca Cola is seen as a religious holy water in America. Coca cola Projects its image as the American dream. Throughout time their advertising showcased what the American culture was, beautiful people having fun and enjoying Coca cola and being proud of their country. Mecca and Qibla Cola insist they are ideologically worlds apart from the American brand (Coca Cola). They claim that their fundamental principals are ethical and they don’t want to be anothercapitalist company just to pursue profits. Both companies not only offer an alternative to boycotters, but donate part of their sales to charity. "10% of Mecca cola's profits will go to the Palestinian Childhood fund", a strictly humanitarian charity, "and 10% to a UK charity" says Shahid Yaqub, a Director of Mecca Cola. Qibla Cola donate 10% of their profits to Islamic Aid. Advertising chiefs say the Islamic cola campaign represents a new attack on America’s grip on fast-food outlets, soft drinks, leisure wear and cigarette brands. Also if they stick to buying their own products it helps their own economy. There is no denying that Mecca-Cola is a political product. Commercially, it's capitalizing on the growing anti-American sentiment. The interesting part, which probably no one has ever done before, is the fact that the founder is making a political statement as well as embracing others with the same attitude through a consumer product. At some level it looks ironic that an anti-American movement takes form in the very byproduct of American culture (Coca-Cola); however, this is also saying that not all about America is bad. It's not the culture that is being fought, but rather the politics. Mecca-Cola fights by trying to provide conscience to its consumers, to provide meaning in consumerism. Mecca-Cola was born as a reaction to the anti-American sentiments, and it primarily appeals to consumers who support American brands boycott...
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