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The Coca Cola Company

1.1 Background
1.2 Strengths
1.3 Weakness
1.4 Opportunity
1.5 Threat
1.6 Conclusion
1.7 Hire

1.1 Background
Coke is a famous drink that originated in a drug store back in the 1880’s in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. John Pemberton was the inventor who developed this refreshing potion which sold well. The drink was sold even better after one day, when Pemberton, out of haste, unintentionally included a brown solution into the syrup and created what we know as today, the “coke”.

1.2 Strengths
Coca Cola company has four type of strengths.
* Quality
* High Brand Awareness
* Training and Development
* Distribution System

First, good quality products are the major strength of the company. Productive technology and the propaganda of Coca Cola TCCQS(The Coca-Cola Quality System) are ongoing concerns. The company has rebuilt its factories in order to improve productive forces. The product quality has improved due to upgraded quality of packaging and the improved liquid in comparison to its competitors. Consistency in the performance led to the better quality management. The company manages its quality throughout the world very well.

High Brand awareness
Secondly, the company has high brand awareness. Coca Cola is a worldwide known company and has a long history. Coco Cola has become a brand name that holds its own prestige in the world market and became a household name. The strong brand image that is developed greatly affects the overall corporate image. It is rated as the world's number one cold drink provider and is famed for its internationally well known brand name “Coca Cola”. Because of that, coca Cola is so famous that almost everyone knows about it.

Training and Development
Thirdly, the company provides its employees training which helps them to cope up with existing needs. Furthermore, employee development programs help them to meet their future needs such as promotion opportunities and expanding responsibilities. The company knows that if their employees are happy and motivated then ultimately it will reflect upon quality and innovative products.

Distribution System
Lastly, Coca Cola bottlers sell branded products in over 200 countries on six continents to businesses and institutions including retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants, small neighborhood grocers, sports and entertainment venues and schools and colleges. The company has penetrated its markets thoroughly and built strong and efficient systems with vendors.

1.3 Weakness
Taste Differentiation
Coca Cola is not successful in differentiating its taste from other brands like Pepsi. Rarely a small number of consumers can identify its taste from Pepsi. This thing also has a negative impact and consumers feel no problem in switching to Pepsi because of taste.

This is a weakness that needs to be looked at when analyzing their company. Another weakness that has been greatly publicized is the health issues that surround some of their products. It is known that a popular product like coke is not very beneficial to your body and your health. With today's constant shift to health products, some products could possibly loose customers. This new focus on weight and health could be a problem for the product that are labeled detrimental to your health.

Factories’ dismantled
In 1970s, there were three bottling factories in Hong Kong. Now because of the region development and economic transition, Coca Cola bottling factories located in Tsuen Wan and Tai Koo were dismantled. There is only one factory left in Sha Tin. This closing of factories increased transportation cost. With vendors all over the city, it takes much more time to visit each and every one of them starting from one location in Sha Tin. For example, 7-Eleven and Circle K are all over Hong Kong; to replenish them all,...
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