Coke Case

Topics: Coca-Cola, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: June 20, 2009
The Rise and Fall of New Coke: What's the problem
1)Class Action Suit: is a form of lawsuit where a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court 2)Flagship product or brand: Is the brand of companies' core product. 3)"Attack brand": is the brand used to compete directly with competitors' brand. 4)Pros of blind test: Unbiased

Cons of blind test: Neglect some important factors which have important effect on the result of the test and therefore wrongly conclude from the test. 5)The research did not look at the issue of taste properly. Because taste does not only mean the soft drink itself, but also includes the choice of brand, the preference after a long time using etc? As a designer of research, I will directly use the finished product which is determined to launch to test. The consumers will choose the product from all factors such as package, brand and taste of the soft drink. 6)The intangibles of Coke are the long time relationship with customers, the brand image, reputation, symbol of the company. 7)Test again but do not use the blind test and compare the difference. Before launching the new coke, the company should have issued some sample first to fathom the customer reaction to the new product. 8)Taste buds:

9)Actually, I do not agree with the idea of launching the new coke as a brand extension because Coke has built its market share from the loyal customer of the classic taste. Its competitor attacked to another class of consumers who prefer the sweeter taste. Even if Coke launches the new Coke as the attack brand, it will be very difficult for it to success because for the customer who likes the sweeter one, they will choose Pepsi instead as Pepsi already similarly built a long term relationship with its customers. And the fact has improved that New Coke do not make any difference to the situation. 10)Marketing research is far from an exact science. Sometimes data is important for decision making process but basing solely on data will be...
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