coke and pepsi

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Promotion Special Offers

Very Often Major supermarket, wholesaler, retailer and small shop have special offers for both Coke cola and Pepsi brands which attract a lot of old and new customers thus increasing the sale and loyalty. Internet offers a direct line of communication to their audience that T.V, Radio, print and billboards simply cannot do


Advertising used my both brands includes; Sports, bill boards, social media, TV, radio , internet, clothing, mass media features in many films, songs and programme. Lot of money been used in promoting their new and old product Pepsi came up with taste challenge; at malls, shopping centers and other public locations, a Pepsi representative sets up a table with two blank cups: one containing Pepsi and one with Coca-Cola. Shoppers are encouraged to taste both colas, and then select which drink they prefer. Then the representative reveals the two bottles so the taster can see whether they preferred Coke or Pepsi. The results of the test leaned toward a consensus that Pepsi was preferred by more which they used intensively as part of their Adverting campaigns .In addition to the coupons, Candler also decided to spread the word of Coca-Cola by plastering logos on calendars, posters, notebooks and bookmarks to reach customers on a large stage Coke has come with clever idea to share names on the coke drinks and went very well with peers especially with social network. Pepsi on the other aimed to propel product trails via mobile and website, Social media and video to drive product samples of its next beverage Sports is the other big avenue where both brands has taken full advantage off in promoting their product

Sports person who Include Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho
Pepsi on the other hard has adversities heavily on sports, billboard, T’Vs, Clothing. Sports include New York Yankees, Manchester United...
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