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Coke vs. Tap water
Defining words:
Stealth- secret, clandestine, or surreptitious procedure. Covertness. Surreptitious- Kept private because people won’t approve
Purveyor- Dutifully
Concoction- mixture of various ingredients
Hyperbole- exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. Hypocrisy- claiming to have moral standards or beliefs that contradict ones behaviour Covert gambit- not openly displayed manuver to take advantage of.

1. It will compare the coke and water.
2. “Beverage Behemoth”, “Bitter Irony”, “Hypocrisy”, “Hokey science front”, “health endangering”, “Irony”, “Corruption”. Author’s tone condescending towards coke. He does not like the sneaky underground promotion that coke has planned to get rid of tap water. 3. Its urging restaurateurs to stop offering plain old tap water to customers. The knot symbolizes the restriction of tap water by the coke waiter. Suggestive techniques to convert requests for tap water into orders for revenue-generating beverages. Tactics include outflanking opposing customers who insist on water. 4. “Suggest more and score” “Get your fill”

Server- an incentive program set up for them to suggest more coke than tap water to the customer. Includes suggestive selling techniques Manger- Manager will profit by selling more drinks. Water makes profits go down the drain. Coke- They will profit, will make the most as they push their products on unsuspecting customers.

5. Metaphor and Analogy
He talks about how the Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness is owned by the Coca-Cola company and how they make it seem that drinking coke is simply a part of an integrated healthy diet. Romancing it by making it sound like it is not dangerous for your health at all. The visual image he uses to describe the institute are that it sounds like a spa in Aspen were you enjoy a cleansing regimen or organic aloe vera and wine. 6. He means they are standing behind a name that insinuates it is based on...
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