Coin Collecting

Topics: Numismatics, Coin collecting, Coin Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Hatchell, Leslie T.
Ray Linville
English 111-014

Luck Giftwrapped by the Attentive Eye
My body begins to nervously jolt as if I were struck by lightning. Moisture begins dancing like an un-orchestrated ballet across my forehead and palms. I unnervingly remain mellow under the pressure of atomic joy. At last, the coin destined for any collection has found its way into my safekeeping. The brilliant reflection of its art battles with the overwhelming glisten cast across my eyes. This coin is the Pablo Picasso of the coin world, the piéce de résistance to every numismatist most unfathomable dreams. A 1933 $20 gold “double eagle” carelessly landed its way into my path and an instantaneous shadow was cast, ultimately becoming the foundation to my coin collecting addiction. When I stumbled across this gleaming beauty, I began to wonder “why coins?” An interest in any normal hobby was too easily managed. Suddenly it hit me; I knew this would be it. The thirst for water to a lost soul at sea was little comparison to the nature of this hidden treasure. I wanted to understand the need for a coin. The unanswered “Why?” became a burden tortuously clawing at my thoughts. What would be the point to collecting? Why do people collect them? I then raced to the nearest coin shop begging for an explanation to the magnificent gleaming wonder. Bursting through the door I yell, “I found gold”. The older grey bearded man behind the shady glass counter slowly wobbled to my service, clinching his aged wooden Cain in an uneasy manner. I gently lift the gold coin from my pocket as if its beauty were fragile. His loud wheezing is immediately interrupted by a cough. Passing him the coin I watch in slow motion as he brings up a shaky magnifying glass. Adjusting his low toned voice in a clearer manner he says “Son, where did you find this coin?” I answer “I found it in an abandoned barn”. With eyes glowing from astonishment he says “there are only 20 of these coins known to...
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