Cogon Grass Pesticide

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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of Batangas
Dacanlao, Calaca, Batangas

Cogon Grass Pesticide
A Science Investigatory Project

Angelica M. Ditan
Rosana Joy T. De Roxas
Bryan Frero John B. Hernandez
S.Y. 2010-2011

Table of Contents
Research Plan3
A.Materials and Methods3
B.Treatment/General Procedure4
A.Background of the Study5
B.Statement of the Problem6
C.Significance of the Study6
D.Scopes and Limitations7
E.Review of related Literature7
Results and Discussion8

The study was done with the aim of producing a pesticide from cogon grass. Cogon grass was treated to come up with a product which can be used as a pesticide. The said product can be used against pests, namely, cockroaches and wood ants.

In the study, the methods in the production of pesticide were given emphasis. Tests conducted by the researchers were also incorporated in this paper, to test the effectiveness of the product. The product was compared to other setups, from cogon grass to the commercially available pesticide. Statistical tools were used in analyzing the data for more accurate results. In the end of the paper, a wider range of researches on how to improve the quality of the product was recommended. Research Plan

A.Materials and Methods
The cogon grass was cut into very small pieces. Then, the cut cogon grass was placed in the blender. 50 mL of water was poured in the blender. The blender was tightly covered. The mixture was pureed for about 10 minutes. The remaining cut cogon was added in the mixture and the mixture was pureed again for another Then, the mixture was put in a clean container preferably a spray bottle. The cap of the bottle was secured. The mixture was shook thoroughly.

B.Treatment/General Procedure
To test on which kind of pest the product will be most effective, the product was applied on two pests: pest A (cockroach) and pest B (wood ant) at varying amounts. There were eight set-ups. In pest A, there were four set-ups where 3 mL, 5 mL and 7 mL amount of the product in each set-up. The fourth set-up was a controlled setup which received no treatment. The same set-ups were used for pest B. The amount of the product assigned to each set-up was sprayed and the number of pest killed was recorded.

To test the effectiveness of the product as compared to its commercially available counterparts, the product and the commercial pesticide has undergone two tests. First, to test the difference between the time it takes for the product and the commercial pesticide to exterminate pest, six set-ups were used. Three set-ups were allotted for pest A and three were also used for pest B. Each set-up contained five pests of the variety assigned to it. Set-ups A were for pest A and set-ups B were for pest B. Set-up A1 was sprayed with the product, Set-up A2 received the commercial pesticide and Set-up A3 received no treatment. 5 mL of the product and the commercial pesticide were used. Then, for set-ups B, the same procedures as the aforementioned were done. The time for each set-up were recorded. Three trials were done. Second, to test which between the product and the commercial pesticide will exterminate the most number of pest, six set-ups will be used. The set-ups that were used were the same as the aforementioned. After the set-ups A1, A2, B1 and B2 received their treatment, the researchers waited for twenty minutes. After 20 minutes, the numbers of pests exterminated were recorded. Three trials were done. To test for the shelf-life of the product, the product will be stored in a place with...
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